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4 sao trên tổng 37 đánh giá
8 Feb 2017 tại 12:35 Sour avocado, couldn't eat any of it. Asked for no wasabi, food covered in wasabi :(
8 Oct 2016 tại 23:10 Sushi was delicious and quick delivery. Great value for the price. However, today on 8/10/2016 i received an order I did not make and had to pay even though I did not make an order today. I'm concerned because I do not want an order every night!
16 Apr 2016 tại 15:23 never again would i try this place. ordered and an hour and 15 minutes later no food. called restaurant and was told busy, need15 minutes. half an hour later nothing. called again, told it would be another half hour. cancelled. useless.
22 Feb 2016 tại 9:05 Late delivery, tiny portions, poor value... fortunately I had some leftover pizza around so I didn't go hungry.
30 Dec 2015 tại 23:13 Beware, you will be left famished and will have to purchase something else elsewhere to fill your stomach. Incredibly expensive for these teeny tiny portions. Unimpressive food.
13 Oct 2015 tại 19:10 we did not get what we order, wrong food. Fish was ok. Does not worth the price !
31 Aug 2015 tại 16:09 The bill was wrong adding 10.000 vnd in excess. That was the last order. It seems that this restaurant is not able to maintain the standards.
23 Aug 2015 tại 22:04 Either the order was wrong or they made their sake roll much worse. It was cooked. I felt sick after eating it. Delivery gal didn't have correct change. This place used to be really good, very disappointing.
28 Jul 2015 tại 10:21 Probably the best sushi I've had yet in HCMC. The maguro sashimi was incredible, this place definitely takes the time to choose high quality ingredients. Even the wasabi and the pickled ginger is better than other places.
3 Jul 2015 tại 9:09 Reasonably priced, good quality and big portions. Delivery driver couldn't find my place but called to check and soon arrived. Not bad at all. Would order again for sure. They should introduce some kind of combo option though.
13 May 2015 tại 6:13 Unlike their main competitor for me (Sushi King) my food arrived in excellent condition, the order was correct, and the delivery man was friendly. I will use Bamboo Sushi for now on.
7 May 2015 tại 9:06 Tasty, fresh, good value. Size of fish portion on Nigiri is the best I've had in Saigon.